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SN Kraft Ltd.

S. N. Kraft Limited is a growing woodcraft manufacturing operation located in Banbury District, Linstead, St. Catherine.  “It is doing tremendously well.  The owners are committed and persevering,” says Charles Lewis.  He says he knew the company was set for success from his first visit years ago.  “These people knew what they were doing.”  ‘These people’ are the husband and wife team of Norris and Sonia Henry along with their daughter Keri-Ann and sons Norris Jnr.  whose team woodcraft items can be purchased in several islands throughout the Caribbean.

S. N. Kraft represents the kind of entrepreneurial success that makes EXIM Bank sure that our mission to build viable sectors and boost employment is well worth it.  Started 17 years ago, S. N. Kraft produces woodcraft souvenirs.  The product portfolio features fine craftsmanship and creative, one-of-kind designs including wall clocks, refrigerator magnets, wall plaques, fruit baskets and key rings.  The company focuses on manufacturing leaving the distribution strategy to exports who have secured entry into noted craft outlets and airport stores.  With special lines for each of its island markets, the company now exports to Antigua, Trinidad, St. Kitts and is set to expand into Barbados and the United States

While Henry’s family woodcraft business is performing well now, this did not happen overnight.  Expanding the business required steady capital investment, and, according to Managing Director Norris Henry, the company’s early interaction with EXIM Bank came through the Jamaica Exporters Association (JEA) when they accessed the JEA/Ex-Bed Facility, which provides financing at 12% interest to small and medium sized companies in the productive sector.

EXIM Bank’s financing has served to help the company streamline its operations and become more efficient.  “S. N. Kraft does a lot of graphics and the copies are placed on the wood itself.  We used to outsource the copying to unreliable suppliers but with the EXIM facility we were able to purchase our own printing machines.  It has made quite a difference in terms of our efficiency, quality and flexibility,” explained Norris.  The company even offers customised items for its diverse clientele, which includes schools, corporate entities and churches.

EXIM’s philosophy, which according to Charles Lewis, is to “lend to any viable project that can demonstrate its ability to service the loan and meet the bank’s requirements” has certainly come to life in its association with S.N. Kraft Limited.