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Flexpak – Flexing Plastic Muscles
When we go to the supermarket, the wholesales, the marts and other stores, as we cash out and collect out things, they are usually placed in a plastic bag.  Not many of us think about this necessary product, it is just a plastic bag afterall.  However, like any other product we consume, it has to be manufactured. Similarly are the wrappings on our favourite foods. Flexpak Limited is one of Jamaica’s leading manufacturers of plastic materials in Jamaica.

Flexpak Limited has been in business since May 10, 1999 and is now one of Jamaica's largest manufacturers of plain and printed polyethylene and polypropylene film and bags.  At that time operations was housed at the Garmex Free Zone location on Marcus Garvey Drive.  Flexpak moved to its current address in Twickenham Park, Spanish Town approximately seven years ago.

This move meant more space, higher demands for production and more job creation.  The owners and operators of Flexpak could not make this happen on their own, so they turned to the most natural partner The EXIM Bank.  The EXIM Bank provided them with US dollar loans which assisted in buying new machinery that would make them more efficient hence giving them the ability to compete on a higher level in the local market place.

Flexpak services only local companies directly which include; Reggae Jammin, Best Dressed Chicken, Chippies Banana Chips and COK to name a few. David Hoyow, Managing Director, believes that they are a success because of the quality of the products they offer, the fact that no job is too small, they have carefully chosen the right staff members and they were smart enough to partner with the EXIM Bank.  Hoyow believes that of all the other financial institutions they could have approached he is pleased that they choose The EXIM Bank because they have that extra finesse and the bank has contributed significantly to the growth of the company and assisted them in coming close to getting their dream machine, this is he says with a light chuckle.

“They (EXIM Bank) always found a way to make it work, while other institutions make the process seem difficult the EXIM Bank seemed to remove stumbling blocks and they actually appeared to want to help rather than just provide a loan from which they would collect interest.” This according to Hoyow.  “The bank has given us the confidence we need to plan for the future in that, even during this time of recession we are able to, after some restructuring, offer our present staff some amount of job security, as we continue to make our mark in our area of business.’ ‘oh, by the way,’ Hoyow continues, ‘we are presently in the process of getting another machine with the help of the EXIM Bank.’

Flexpak Limited, though it is in the business of making plastic film and bags is aware of the damaging effects their products have on the environment and has decided to lead the way in providing an alternative in its manufacturing, in the form of oxibiodegradable plastics which it now offers to its clients as an option.
Charles Lewis, Chief Officer Credit for the EXIM Bank says that over the years they have developed a strong relation with Flexpak that transcends business. “We are truly partners” says Lewis.