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EXIM Bank supports JCC Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award

                                                                                      May 1, 2015
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                     EXIM Bank to support JCC Young Entrepreneur of the Year
The 33rd Annual Jamaica Chamber of Commerce Awards will this year see the re-introduction of the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. The award, which will be sponsored by the EXIM Bank, will go to an entrepreneur who best satisfies the evaluation criteria as outlined by the Chamber. These criteria include being a business owner under 45 years of age, the business being registered for at least three years, possession of an up to date Tax Compliance Certificate, demonstrated areas of innovation within their industry, membership in civic organizations and demonstrated economic and community impact.

EXIM Bank is Jamaica’s premier trade financing institution and the Caribbean’s first Export-Import Bank.  It plays a fundamental role in national development by offering a range of financing solutions to the business community, including its SME growth initiative targeted at Small to Medium Size businesses in the productive sector such as export, manufacturing, agro-processing, tourism and related services, creative industries, professional services and the mining & extraction industries.

Managing Director of  EXIM Bank, Lisa Bell, lauded the JCC on re-introducing the award, which will help in driving the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in Jamaica. She continued "The EXIM Bank is pleased to be the sponsor of the JCC's Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. We support the position that a country's best driver of economic growth and development, job creation, innovation and social change is through the promotion of youth entrepreneurship and, as Jamaica's premier trade financing institution, it behoves us to be strong advocates of entrepreneurship by fostering the right environment for private initiatives to thrive."

The re-introduction of the award is in line with the theme for this year’s awards ceremony, which is “Releasing the Growth Within” and is aimed at inspiring greater levels of entrepreneurship, innovation and performance from young business leaders. Nominations were received from across the business community, and this year’s winner will be chosen from Barcode Limited; GeoTech Vision; Life Span Co. Ltd.; New Levels Décor and Southside Distributors Ltd.

The 33rd Annual Jamaica Chamber of Commerce Awards takes place on Thursday May 14th at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel.

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