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Using Online Digital Channels to Market Your Business

This week's excerpt from EXIM Bank's Business Advisory Services radio programme will focus on using online digital channels to effectively market your logistics hub businesses using various platforms including 'Branditise' which was developed by Wayne Marsh. The information below may be useful for not only logistics hub-centred businesses, but for SME's operating in just about any other sector in Jamaica.

• In talking to a number of SME's, it is observed that while they may have some form of online digital presence, there is no content strategy fuelling it which is the key to making it work. A channel that is empty, lacking in advertising and useful content, cannot engage the interest of your target audience.

• SME's need to learn how to make effective use of online digital channels such as websites, social media etc., to improve the performance of their businesses through the creation of interactive and engaging content that ties back to their brand.

• Careful thought must be given to a company's online marketing strategy which must clearly set out the goals of the organisation, the target audience, the activities to engage them and the content to share with them, as well as identify a system of measurement to determine the effectiveness of these activities.

• 'Branditise' is one such digital media marketing platform which, according to Mr. Marsh, can help SME's to create, execute and measure their online marketing strategy. A key component of 'Branditise' is the measurement tool that it provides which allows you to know how effective your strategy is and whether or not you are meeting your targets and goals.

Mr. Marsh was a recent guest on EXIM Bank's Business Advisory Services radio programme, EXIMBankja, which is aired seasonally on Power 106 and Nationwide News Network as well as on JIS' network of radio stations islandwide. Mr. Marsh will continue to share his innovations through other programmes and workshops in the near future.

Please look out for more informative excerpts from other episodes of EXIM's Business Advisory Services radio programme, EXIMBankja.  You may also check the media room of the Bank's website for more information at

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