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Schedule of Fees

Loan Commitment Fee % of Approved Facility
All Loan Facilities 1.3% -2% + GCT
Facility Extension Fee % of Facility
All Loan Facilities 1% p.a.+ GCT pro-rated for the period of the extension
Facility Renewal Fee  
All Loan Facilities J$5,000 + GCT
Application Fee  
All Loan Facilities J$5,000 + GCT
Over Limit Fee  

All Short Term Loan Facilities
J$3,500 + GCT payable on each transaction over the approved limit
Processing Fees Per Disbursement
JMA/JEA Loan Programmes J$7,500 + GCT
All Other Loan Facilities J$10,000 + GCT
Stand-by Letters of Credit/Guarantees  
a) Set up fees 0.5% of transaction amount
b) Renewal fees (amount for each renewal) 0.5% of transaction amount
General Trade Line & Line of Credit Transactions  
Pre-paid Interest 1% p.a. of loan amount pro-rated for the loan tenor
Audit Confirmations  
Routine year-end audit confirmations J$5,000 + GCT
Non-routine account balance J$10,000 (minimum) + GCT
Confirmations for more than 1 year J$10,000 (minimum) + GCT
Bills for Collection 0.375% of transaction amount + GCT

Please note the following:

  1. All fees are non-refundable
  2. The application fee is payable upon the submission of the application
  3. Processing fees are payable prior to each disbursement
  4. Clients will be billed separately for all costs incurred by EXIM to obtain Credit/ Bank Report