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Required Documentation

Below is a list of some of the information that you may be requried to submit to the EXIM Bank along with your loan application. When you speak with an EXIM Bank Credit Analyst, he/she will let you know specifically which ones you will be required to take in. For a more comprehensive list please click here.   

  1. Completed Application Form       
  2. Business Plan         
  3. Completed Investment Plan if applying online.  (Click To Apply.  Link to a blank Investment Form is in list on left)
  4. (a) Audited Financial Statements for the past three years prepared in Accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) along with Interim Accounts, for existing businesses     

b) Opening Balance Sheet for new businesses

  1. Cash flow Projections for life of the loan, along with Supporting Assumptions 

(a)    Certified copy of Articles of Incorporation or     

(b)     Memorandum & Articles of Association    

  1. Copy of Certificate of Registration and Certificate of Change of Name where applicable
  2. Completed Borrowing Resolution       
  3. List of Company Officers & Directors and specimen signatures of authorized signors of Company
  4. Copy of Valid Tax Compliance Certificate.      
  5. Detailed descriptions of security(ies) being pledged.  A copy of registered Certificate  of Title is to be submitted where applicable.  (Motor vehicles are not accepted as loan security)
  6. Valuation Report (not older than 1 year) on machinery, equipment and real estate being pledged as security.
  7. Bank Report(s).
  8. Two (2) copies of certified identification one of which must be a photograph.  Examples of photo IDs include passport, drivers’ license, voter registration identification card.  Examples of non-photographic ID includes Debit Card, Credit Card, Employee ID.  

(a) For privately owned companies -this is required for

a.  all  shareholders whose shareholding exceed 25% ,

b. all directors, and

c. all signing officers

(b) for sole traders – one of the id’s submitted may be a birth certificate, employee ID or

TRN card

  1. Pro forma Invoice/Commercial Invoice/Purchase order for items being purchased.
  2. Trade/Credit References.
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  1. Evdence of Fire & Allied Peril iinsurance for the full replacement value of the assets(s) being pledged.
  2. Export Order(s)/ Local Order(s)/ Letter(s )of Intent
  3. Pre-Feasibility Study/Feasibility Study/Report on Feasibility of the project  
  4. Register of Shareholders
  5. Company’s Annual Report        
  6. Relevant approval from NEPA, Town Planning Department and other agencies 
  7. Certification under the Modernization of Industry Programme administered by JTI    (applicable to manufacturers accessing Medium Term facilities) 
  8. Certification under the Hotel Incentive Act (Applicable to Hoteliers)   
  9. Evidence of Contract(s)
  10. Surveyor’s I.D. Report ( not older than one year), where Real Estate is being pledged as Security.