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JMEA Loan Program

As a small business owner, you face many challenges. Your need a financier who offers effective financing solutions to help you grow your business successfully.

At EXIM Bank we pay special attention to your needs and we have teamed together with the Jamaica Manufactures and Exporters Association (JMEA) to provide this product for small businesses trying to expand their domestic and export markets.

Loans can be used to finance working capital requirements, as well as, purchase raw material and/or light equipment. The strength of the JMEA’s recommendation means you!

How much can you borrow?
Eligible exporters may borrow up to J$2 million, while manufacturers can borrow a maximum of J$1.5 million. These loans are on a short-term to medium-term basis.

What’s the Interest Rate?
Interest is charged at the affordable rate of 12% per annum. Minimal processing costs will also apply.

Repayment Terms
Repayment terms will vary according to the loan purpose. You may use your loan to:
• Purchase Raw Material - repayable in 90 days
• Finance Receivables - repayable in 120 days
• Purchase Light Equipment - repayable up to 18 months

To be eligible, credit-worthy applicants who operate viable businesses must be:
• Members of the JMEA
• Considered by the JMEA to be export ready and have excess capacity
• Linkage customers providing goods and services for the Tourism/Export sectors
• Employers of less than fifty (50)

Are there other requirements to apply?
Although collateral is not required, applicants will need to demonstrate their ability to service the loan. You will need documents such as:
• Current Financial Statements
• Up-to-date Tax Compliance Certificates (TCC)

Where do you apply?
You can get the application form here but the completed application must be submitted to the JMEA.