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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below a list of EXIM Bank's frequently asked questions. Check here to make sure your questions are answered before sending a general query using our contact form.

Where is the EXIM BANK located?

The EXIM Bank has its offices at 85 Hope Road, Kingston 6 (the former Blue Cross building).

What does EXIM Bank do?

EXIM Bank provides short and medium term financing for the productive sector complemented by Trade Credit Insurance.  Typically loans are extended for working capital (e.g. pre and post-shipment financing), equipment acquisition, upgrading of existing facilities. Loans are available for periods of up to 48 months.  EXIM Bank also has Foreign Currency lines of Credit to facilitate the importation of raw material.

Who can benefit from the Bank’s services?

Any registered business or individual conducting business in Jamaica that are part of the Productive Sector - i.e. engaged in value added activity. While our primary mandate is to provide financing for the Export Sector, we also support the Manufacturers and Small Business operators.  If you operate within any of the following sectors, it is likely that you will be eligible for financing from the EXIM Bank.

  • Tourism & its linkages
  • Agro-Processing
  • Manufacturing
  • Small Business
  • Mining
  • Information Communication Technology
  • Creative Industries
Do I have to be an exporter to access financing?

No, you do not have to be an exporter to access financing.  While the Bank’s emphasis is on developing exports, funding is also available to non-exporting entities.

Is the Jamaican EXIM Bank affiliated to the US EXIM Bank?

No. EXIM Bank Jamaica is wholly owned by the Government of Jamaica, and therefore there is no affiliation with the US or any other EXIM Bank across the world.  We do however share best practices, and benefit from collaborative strategies.

What do you accept as collateral for loans?

EXIM Bank accepts any negotiable securities as loan collateral.  Please see Collateral for a full listing of securities that the Bank may accept.

What do I need to do to access financing from EXIM Bank?

You can access financing directly from EXIM Bank or through the Bank's AFI network.  When applying directly to EXIM Bank, you should fill out an application form and send this in along with a business plan of a viable project and up to date financial information.  Other documents are also required, such as a TCC, your company's enabling documents and documentary evidence of your ability to secure the loan.  Please see Required Documents for a full listing of documentation that may be requested by the Bank.

Can motor vehicles be used as collateral?

No, motor vehicles may not be used as collateral.  EXIM Bank however will accept a mix of securities as collateral.

Are there any EXIM Bank locations outside of Kingston?

EXIM Bank operates out of one office, located at the Dorchester, 11 Oxford Road, Kingston 5.  You however,  can access EXIM Bank's loan facilities through any of the 15 Approved Financial Intermediaries across the island.  It is likely that you already do business with one of them.

My company purchases goods from local producers and then exports them. Are we able to apply for a loan?

Yes.  Once you are an exporter you are eligible for financing from the EXIM Bank.  You can apply either directly to the EXIM Bank or through any of its AFIs across the island.

Does EXIM Bank lend money to fund Information Technology Projects?

Yes.  Information Communication Technology is one of the Bank's target areas.  We will lend money for software development, training, and infrastructure projects.

Will EXIM finance start–ups?

If the applicant has the necessary management and technical skills and can establish that the project is adequately capitalized, financial viability and adequately securitised, the Bank will consider proposals from start-up entities.

My company doesn’t have access to collateral, can we still apply for a loan with EXIM?

This depends on the type of loan.  Most of EXIM Bank's loan facilities require borrowers to have some type of collateral to secure the loan.  We recommend that you speak with a Credit Analyst who may be able to guide you in sourcing suitable collateral.  There are however 2 loan facilities in place under which the Bank may consider an unsecured loan.  The JEA/JMA Loan Programme has a facility where members of the JEA and/or the JMA can assess unsecured funds.  The Bank also has a short term window which offers unsecured funds up to $500,000 for persons within the ICT.

Does EXIM Bank offer US$ loans?

Yes.  EXIM Bank offers loans in US$.

If my company does not earn US$, can we borrow in US$?

Yes there are a few facilities which will allow you to borrow in US$ even though you do not earn US$.  The Borrower however stands the exchange risk.