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Starting an Export Business

Commercial Cargo Importation - Procedure

Import Procedures
Commercial cargo normally requires the services of a licensed Customs Broker for import clearance or for export. However, all goods representing a Cost Insurance and Freight (CIF) value of more than US$5,000.00 or the Jamaican equivalent, must be cleared by a licensed Customs Broker.

For Goods Valued Over US$1,000 and up to US$5,000
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Commercial Cargo Exportation - Procedure

Preparing to Export
Important things to note in preparing to export your products:

  1. Check with the relevant ministry or agency to obtain the requisite permit or licence to export or licence to export particular products, for example:
    • Trade Board:  Certificate of Origin, CARICOM Certificate
    • Ministry of Agriculture:  Animal or animal products
    • NEPA:  Hazardous waste, endangered species
    • Bureau of Standards:  Processed foods
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Obtaining an Export/Import License

Walk-in Applicants

  • Submit Commercial Invoice (CI) as supporting document to the Trade Board.
  • The cashier will key relevant data from the CI into Trade Board Information System (TBIS) to facilitate shipment certificate processing and payment.
  • Upon receipt of the customs approval letter a licensing officer will approve the shipment certificate.
  • Once approved, the approved shipment certificate will be available to Customs. The client may request a printed copy
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Register as an Exporter

Jamaica Trade Board

The Trade Board, headed by a Trade Administrator, is Jamaica's certifying authority for goods exported under the various trade agreements. The Board is located at:

Trade Board Limited
10th Floor, Air Jamaica Building
72 Harbour Street
Tel: (876) 967-0507
Toll Free: 1-888-367-8247
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