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Starting a Business

Developing the Right Business Plan

Plan your business for success with a well thought out Business Plan. Your Business Plan acts as the road map for your business.  It should give clear directions about the nature of your business operations, its purpose, goals and objectives and should document the path to follow in achieving them. Most businesses, somewhere in the life of its operation, will need to establish a relationship with a lending institution.  This makes having a viable Business Plan even more critical as nearly all financial institutions require one before business loans are approved for disbursements.

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G.C.T Registration

All persons or businesses that are engaged in taxable activities are required to apply for registration under the GCT Act.  To register for GCT, every business or person must have a TRN for the sole proprietor and all directors, and must state gross value of sales ($) per month and per year. Applications may be made at any Inland Revenue Department islandwide.  For further information on GCT check their website at:

Requirements for obtaining a Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC)

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