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It is a tough job to start and run a business; this is made even more difficult due to the number of hats that an entrepreneur has to wear to ensure the success of their entrepreneurial ventures, as well as the need to fulfilling all kinds of essential tasks to ensure business viability. As such, the management of your company's social media can easily fall off your to-do list. However, all recent research and data on social media and its importance indicated

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Successful Small Business Exporters can set themselves apart by demonstrating certain habits that allows growth to foreign sales at a fast rate. Below are seven successful habits: 

1. Create and build off of an export business plan
Creating an export business plan takes time and resources. But, it is essential to do before you begin any international transaction because it will ensure that you have checked off all of the boxes before shipping off your product.

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2017, September 15 - 5 Ways to Pump Your Business into the Media

When starting a business, many people think their product or service is so good that the media will flock to them offering coverage. That is rarely the case; coverage is something you have to earn. And to do that, you should keep a few simple ideas in mind, regardless of whether your business is two weeks or two decades old.

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2017, September 15 -JMA Renews Partnership With Bureau Of Standards

The Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association (JMA) has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Jamaica Bureau of Standards (BSJ), to position Jamaica as a highly competitive producer of goods and services.

The JMA said it will continue to collaborate with the BSJ to provide training and technical support as part of its mandate to develop the capacity of members to improve productivity and competitiveness.

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2017, August 11 -Cheese please — Export markets identified for Jamaican products

A study conducted by the Commonwealth Secretariat has identified 23 products that could improve Jamaica's export revenue up to US$54 million annually.

Jampro, Jamaica's investment and export promotion agency, partnered with the Commonwealth Secretariat in presenting the study entitled, “Jamaica's New Products, New Markets” on Wednesday at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel.

It found that cheese, sauces and aluminium hydroxide were three of 10 lines of products that Jamaica was found to be competitive in with the potential to augment exports by at least US$54 million.

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2017, July 28 - Non-Traditional Exports On The Move

Jamaica exported its highest quantities of ackee last year, according to Jampro vice-president Robert Scott, who was bullish about the prospects for such non-traditional goods in foreign markets.

Speaking on Tuesday at a workshop on castor oil, which is itself a non-traditional export that is positioning to take on larger markets, the Jampro executive, whose portfolio spans exports and market development at the state-run investment promotions agency, also noted that beverage exports climbed by more than 50 per cent last year.

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2017, July 28 - Jamaica Customs seizes $200 million worth of illegal imports

In this regard, during the period April to June 2017, the agency recorded seizures of several illicit items, valued at over $200 million. Cash amounting to US$230,470 and Canadian $4,920.00 were also seized during this period.

The above table outlines the various categories of seizures and the associated value.

The agency takes this opportunity to warn air passengers and importers to desist from importing illicit goods into the country as they will be detected and subsequently seized. Criminal charges can also be laid against persons who are caught with illegal products.

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2017, July 19 - The three types of clients every small business person should avoid

Here  is a description of the three types of clients that every small business person should try to avoid.


This person comes to you on the Friday before the Wednesday night the project is due. He tells you that he “needs you to literally work a miracle”.

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2017, July 11 - Yaneek Page | Entrepreneurs, beware! Your credit history is married to your business

A few years ago, the head of one of Jamaica's largest financial institutions stunned the audience of entrepreneurs and business executives when he said the following.

"No matter how profitable the business may be on the books, or how exciting a business plan you present to us, the deal maker or breaker will always be the creditworthiness of the principals, individually and collectively," he said. "You see, in our experience, people who have a history of not paying their debts manifest that philosophy in their business interests as well."

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2017, July 11 - Guidelines for temporary imports

The Agency, through its Customer Service Representatives, engages with our customers via face-to-face interaction, emails, our website (Live Chat) and telephone channels.

Some of the enquiries we receive include, but are not limited to:

• Import duties and other charges

• Import procedures

• Export

• Auctions

• Re-importation procedures

• Permits and licences

• Tariffs

• Importing motor vehicles, items for charity, etc.

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