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2013, August 14 - CAF review should lead to savings for productive sector – Customs

August 14, 2013
(Information Extracted from the Jamaica Observer dated 14.08.13)

A series of reviews of the Customs Administration fee (CAF), based on multiple consultations with stakeholders, has resulted in savings for the productive sector (including exporters), according to Jamaica Customs.

“The examination fee for manufacturers importing raw materials and packaging materials will remain at $25,000 for each container/shipment, after which a 50 per cent discount is to be applied,” said a release issued by Customs.

“Though there is an increase in CAF for all authorized economic operators (AEOs) and site containers, these importers will still be paying less to clear their shipments when compared to the fees applicable if they were to clear their goods at the ports.”

According to the revenue agency, savings range from $16,000 to $100,000 per movement of the cargo, depending on the size of the container and the port used.

On the other hand, Customs said that alternative revenue sources will have to be identified in order to keep income in line with projections.

“These alternate revenue sources were identified by a specific team which was assembled to review the CAF based on a recommendation from the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce (JCC) at their consultation forum, earlier this year,” said Richard Reese, Commissioner of Customs.

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